Monday, April 27, 2009

Trident Tropical Twist

Flavor: An explosion of mango, tropical citrus, kaplam! And then it lulls into a delightful, steady release of sweet and slightly tangy juicy flavor. The flavor lasts and lasts, never failing to exert its slow-release of fruity freshness for as long as you decide to chew. If you’re thirsty, it temporarily quenches your thirst. Craving sweets? It bites that sweet craving in half. It’s as sweet as a papaya, tangy as taffy, true fruity gum perfection.

Texture: It’s a gum to be chewed, not blown, not cracked. It’s firm and unassuming, constant in volume throughout the entire chew.

Overall: I had been putting off reviewing this gum as I felt too close to it to really give an objective assessment. And it’s not objective at all. Tropical Twist and I have so many memories together—it was my Old Faithful for years upon its conception. I delighted in its fruity sweet explosion, chewed it on the train and at work, at parties while drinking beer, in the car and after a good run. It quenched my thirst and hunger at an overcrowded concert in Boston in 2006, it was the gum that finished out hundreds of meals and freshened my breath with pure tropical goodness time and time again. Every so often someone will smell it wafting through the air and will ask if I’m eating candy (“What smells so good?” and then, “Can I have some?”). No, it’s not candy, folks. It’s the best fruity gum around. Thank you Tropical Twist—although I’ve switched to minty, I’m sure we’ll be together again, and I’ll enjoy every last stick of this gumalert pack.

Rating: ooooo (five gumballs)


Anonymous said...

Great description!
My favorite. I can't go a day without this wonderful stuff.

darcy said...

I agree whole heartedly, in fact I just wrote a paper for school about how wonderful it is.

Anonymous said...

This is my all time ever favorite gum! Found when it fell out of the pocket of my sister's make out buddy for me to find later. I loved it so much i couldn't give the packet back! I enjoyed it. the boy making out with my sister enjoyed it, and i'm pretty sure my sister enjoyed it... but she didn't have any of the gum ;)

Anonymous said...

Every time I eat this gum, I my tongue starts to feel sore. Immediately when I start to chew it, I feel a tingle on my tongue. If I chew it for over an hour, my tongue gets very painful and shows raised red bumps. Not sure if I'm allergic to one of the ingredients, if this is a bad batch, or a bad recipe altogether. It almost feels like my tongue is slowly dissolving (similar feeling when eating pineapples or handling bleach).