Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Orbit Sangria Fresca

Flavor: Traditionally, gum is chewed to eliminate the scent of booze on the breath. But Orbit has reached out to alcoholics like me and has insisted that that boozy flavor needn’t be concealed, it should be embraced, celebrated; it should be chewed. Concept-wise, I applaud your efforts, Orbit. And in this case, I think the success is more than just conceptual. Even smelling a piece of this purple gum is reminiscent of that extra “some”thing. Sangria is fruity and not too boozy, as is this gum. It’s a delight upon the first bite, an explosion of sangria in the middle of a banal work day. I’m not sure it’s incredibly “frescas,” but the mere fact that it’s gum makes it freshening, I guess. The flavor dulls after about ten minutes, but it’s tolerable to chew for longer if you want. I find the stale sangria flavor less-than-pleasurable.

Texture: It’s ok. Fine texture, firm, doesn’t soften too much as you chew. It’s pretty consistent throughout the whole chew. Although the texture of traditional sangria is much more delightful.

Overall: If only this gum were actually infused with booze, it would be a true gem. I’m not sure it’s my favorite flavor, but I think back in my fruity days I might have chewed this gum for several months. It’s interesting, unique. Way to go, Sangria fresca, I’m sure you’re someone’s favorite.
Rating: oooo (four gumballs)