Monday, April 20, 2009

Extra Fruit Sensations Strawberry Banana

Flavor: The flavor of Extra Fruit Sensations Strawberry Banana is actually quite accurate. Banana isn't a flavor often found in sugarless gum, and Wrigley did a fantastic job of recreating it here. A perfect harmonious blend of strawberry and banana, it tingles the taste buds. Unlike most Extra gum, however, the flavor of this gum does not last an extra long time. It fades quickly and we're left with a faint mostly-banana flavor. It's like you can actually taste the blandness of unflavored gum base.

Texture: The texture of Extra Fruit Sensations works. It starts out fairly smooth and with continued chewing it remains firm yet malleable. It doesn't work well for snapping or bubbles, however - it's a little too soft and the bubbles too thin for it to really work.

Overall: This gum is nothing special. I'd chewed a few packs of it last year back when it first came out, and I liked it well enough but it never stuck around to become one of my staple gums. I was hoping that revisiting it for this blog would bring me a newfound appreciation for it, but alas it has again disappointed. It's nice for a change because there's nothing on the market with this unique flavor, but I can't in good conscience rate it above a three.
Rating: ooo (three gumballs)