Thursday, April 30, 2009

Extra Fruit Sensations: Island Cooler

Flavor: This gum fills your mouth with mango and citrus for about five seconds and almost immediately fades. It might as well be edible, seeing how quickly the flavor fizzles. It’s a good flavor, I’ll give it that, but I don’t know if it lives up to the name of “Island Cooler.” It doesn’t cool my mouth at all. It’s a fruity burst and then a flavorless hunk of rubber.

Texture: This gum is full bodied, like most Extras, but a bit too mushy too quickly. I remember back when I first tried this gum, I chewed a piece long enough that it turned into a gob of mush, falling apart between my teeth, formless. I haven’t chewed a piece long enough this time around for that to happen, and I’m not going to find out if it’s still the case. I chew it long enough that it makes me want to gag, and then I spit it out.

Overall: The inside of this package says, “We couldn’t fit a cabana boy in the pack so you’ll have to get your own.” This is another subtype of “Fruit Sensation” (I blogged on Sweet Watermelon yesterday), and I’ve decided that Extra is wasting too much time on marketing and not spending enough time on the product quality. It’s good, but lackluster, and for all the bells and whistles on the label, it really doesn’t do much for me. Eh, it’s arrite, but I won’t be buying it again. Stop trying to be cute, Extra: It's what's inside that counts.
Rating: oo (two gumballs)


Shannon said...

Oh man I wanted to review this gum because the same thing happened to me one time. I was in a meeting at work (at my last job), and it was about an hour long. I popped a piece of this gum into my mouth at the beginning of the meeting, and 20 minutes in I knew it wasn't going to end well. 10 minutes later my gag reflex was out of control as I had a hundred thousand sticky orange plasma balls all throughout my mouth. I fought back the gags as I asked the guy sitting next to me for a tissue. I spit as much of the gum as I could into the tissue, but those plasma flecks lingered for HOURS, man. This gum is crap, I would have given it one gumball for sho'.

Chelsea said...

Eh, it’s arrite, but I won’t be buying it again. Stop trying to be cute, Extra: It's what's inside that counts.That's what she said.

Timothy said...

I don't agree - I think the flavor lasts longer than any gum out there!!! It's AWESOME!!

I've been buying it like CRAZY!