Friday, April 24, 2009

Eclipse Fresh & Cool

Flavor: The packaging of this gum is misleading. The color is the exact shade of wintergreen Tic Tacs, so that's what I was expecting to taste when I bit down - that sweet, somewhat pepto-y mint. False. Eclipse Fresh & Cool doesn't taste anything at all like wintergreen Tic Tacs. It's very, very generic. It's named properly - it is fresh and it is cool, but so is every other mint gum on the market. It's adequate, it freshens breath. It's a standard mint gum.

Texture: As with most pop-out, blister-packed gum, it starts off crunchy when you crack the candy shell, and gets softer as you chew. With the exception of one brand that I'm sure I'll get to reviewing eventually, most pop-out gums have the same texture. It's a little too soft for my personal preference, but it certainly doesn't fall apart or turn into plasma like other gums. It's satisfactory.

Overall: It's a decent gum. Though I probably won't ever buy myself another pack of this gum unless I'm fooled again by the wintergreen Tic Tac packaging, I wouldn't turn a piece down if it were offered to me. It was worth the try, and certainly not a bad experience.
Rating: ooo (three gumballs)


Katie said...

The packaging is also really poorly edited. "NOW WITH NATURAL GERM KILLING" ...natural germ killing WHAT? Try a noun, eclipse.

Shannon said...

I noticed that. WTF, Eclipse.