Thursday, April 23, 2009

Trident Passionberry Twist

Flavor: When Katie and I went on a vacation to the Dominican Republic last year, we fell in love with the passionfruit that was on the buffet fruit table. Unfortunately, after only a few bites of the actual fruit we were cursed with the most awful heartburn imaginable that lasted for hours and hours. Fortunately, Trident Passionberry Twist mimics the flavor of passionfruit without the uncomfortable throat acid. It's a pleasant flavor, a bit tart yet sweet. Again, I don't taste many "berries" in this gum, but I think the main point of the gum is the passionfruit, and it's executed well.

Texture: Perfection. What can I say? Firm, yet soft, it's a damn near perfect texture.

Overall: The other day, I was in my car driving when I realized I was chewing gum. I was so mindlessly chewing that I had forgotten about it entirely. Once I had the revelation, I had to think back to when I put the gum in my mouth, and it had been over an hour and a half. I blinked and recalculated, and recalculated. And there was no mistake. This single wad of gum (consisting of two pieces - I generally am a two-piece chewer) had lasted for over 90 minutes - and there was still flavor, the texture was still fine. Where other gums would have given out long before, Trident Passionberry Twist stood the test of time. While it could never overtake Extra Polar Ice as my all-time favorite gum, this Passionfruit delight is definitely going to make a triumphant entrance into my regular gum rotation.
Rating: ooooo (five gumballs)


Anonymous said...

My favorite flavor for the Trident Twist flavors. It has a perfect flavor that is impossible to clone. I LOVE this flavor! 5000 gumballs!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this gum (and I'm not usually a gum-chewer), BUT... am having a tough time finding it locally in stores. Yes, I could buy a 36 pack online, but don't know if $35 of gum is really a priority. Any suggestions?

Shannon said...

Target tends to have the best variety of gum - have you looked there? Otherwise, I found a few websites that sell them in quantities of 12... Perhaps that's a little easier on your wallet? Here's one:

Good luck and thanks for reading!