Thursday, April 16, 2009

Orbit Wintermint

Flavor: Refreshing, yes. Minty, yes. I’d have to say that this gum is among the most classic of mint gums, cold at first and quite refreshing. It’s nothing special, though—it seems to me to be that same old tried and true minty flavor that does the job but that wouldn’t stand out in a lineup of mints. It maintains flavor for a long time—I’ve thrown pieces out at varying times but have never discarded out of disgust or lack of flavor. If anything, I just get bored of it. Classic, boring, a good fallback gum if your favorite mint is missing from its cardboard placeholder at the checkout counter.

Texture: The texture is pretty standard, it holds up and doesn’t soften as you chew, nor does it harden and become rubbery as some cold and minty gums tend to do after time. It holds its own.

Overall: Shannon and Matt purchased me three packs of this gum for Easter because she thought it was my new favorite gum. I accepted it with open arms. Upon further investigation, I discovered that this was one of the original flavors (along with Spearmint) that Orbit released in 2001 ( That said, Wintermint is a stellar representation of Orbit on the whole-- this is what Orbit aspires to be, this is what Orbit is. This particular package proclaims “MORE FABULOUS CLEAN FEELING!” which I’m going to label as dramatic and gimmicky. It’s minty, it’s refreshing, it’s fine. It’s a satisfactory gum, from start to finish. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
Rating: oooo (four gumballs)


Shannon said...

It's a solid 3 for me. ooo. It's more boring than anything else. Would not purchase unless it were a dire situation. I'm glad you reviewed this one so I don't have to.