Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Extra Fruit Sensations: Sweet Watermelon

Flavor: It’s a delicious representation of the traditional fake watermelon flavor, with no claims of “cooling” or “minty” sub-flavors. It’s exactly what it is, it’s sweet watermelon, bright and watermelony to start and lasting long through the whole chew. It’s yummy, simple, a treat. It’s not a gum I can chew for a long time, more of a quick sweet treat, like a Starburst, after a meal.

Texture: This is a full-bodied gum that lends itself to bubble-blowing, but is too sticky to really execute a full bubble with confidence. After a while, though, something about it—maybe the flavor, maybe the texture, pretty much just ejects it from my mouth, almost as a reflex, my tongue forces it out and I have to catch it and chuck it.

Overall: So I chewed this gum for a day in preparation for the gumblog, but by the evening I realized that I didn’t want to chew another stick in order to write it. Alas, I took the risk. This is yet another gum that forms sores in my mouth, which is always a rather…disconcerting characteristic in a gum. Sores aside (maybe I just have a sensitive mouth), it’s a good gum, for what it is. I couldn’t see it being anyone’s favorite gum, maybe the stand-by for a change every so often. But me? I will not be chewing it again. It might taste good, but it’s just not worth the mouth corrosion.
Rating: ooo (three gumballs)


Anonymous said...

I actually love this gum. As watermelon gum goes I think its the best!

Anonymous said...

This gum is nasty. I don't notice any flavor burst, and the texture is radically different from the rest of their gums. Plus, the flavor of this kind of watermelon is just..... eugh. On the plus side i noticed the odd texture lets me blow some pretty good bubbles with it.

Unknown said...

My favorite gum, at least until I discovered 5 Prism.

Actually, I switched to this gum after Extra Cool Green Apple went away, so I now also enjoy 5 Vortex.