Monday, April 20, 2009

Stride Nonstop Mint

Flavor: On the inside of this package, it reads, “If you ever dreamed of naming your own chewing gum flavor, you’re in luck. We want your help renaming this flavor so, log on to to enter your ideas.” Comma misplacement aside, I felt that this ad was very appropriate as this flavor is much more than “nonstop mint,” in fact—nonstop mint is not very descriptive at all. Although I struggled to access the Web site, I intend to suggest one of two names—either Sweet Spearmint, or Starlight Mint. As a former favorite fan of Stride Sweetmint, I can say that this gum is just as pleasing as a sweet mint flavor, with a little extra flavor added in. It tastes delightfully like a starlight mint, without the cruddy sugar residue those mints leave on your teeth, but also contains more than a hint of spearmint that is less overpowering than ordinary spearmint and cut by the light sweetness. And the flavor really never stales. It, in fact, lasts and lasts.

Texture: The texture is fine, your basic stride goodness. Never goes mushy, never goes stale. It, in fact, lasts and lasts.

Overall: Now see, I’m torn. Would I buy this again? I would HAVE, if my all-time favorite Stride Sweet Mint hadn’t started causing those pesky little pimples on my tongue. Do I chew too much gum? Yes. Would chewing less gum eliminate these tongue pimples? Surely. Is that the solution I’m looking for? Absolutely not. This is a delightful gum, sweet, interesting, refreshing. But I fear it, too, will corrode my tongue. The color of the packaging is also enticing—a cool carribbean mint. I don’t know. I’ll judge this gum as though it doesn’t cause my mouth pain, as it hasn’t yet done so this time around. Well done, Stride, yet again.
Rating: oooo (four gumballs)


Katie said...

UPDATE: I had to give this gum away, as much as I enjoyed it. It did, in fact, make my tongue go raw. C'est la vie.