Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bubblicious Cotton Candy

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Flavor: True. The label says cotton candy, and this gum tastes like cotton candy. Exactly. Like. Cotton candy. Although, if you think about it, that's really not that great of an achievement for a sugar-based gum. All cotton candy is, is sugar and flavor, and the ingredients of this gum are ridiculously simple, consisting of little more than sugar, corn syrup, gum base and flavor.

Texture: Eh. It actually starts off somewhat firmer than other bubblegums and never really gets that "smooth" or "shiny" feel to it. The bubbles are unimpressive, very thin and quick to burst. If you're looking for a bubblegum to use to enter our Bubble-Blowing Contest, this isn't it.

Presentation: You know, in terms of kid-focused product packaging, this is really minimalist. The pink and the blue works for the flavor, and it has the now-familiar trendy swirl thing going on, but if I were a kid I'd absolutely be drawn to Hubba Bubba over Bubblicious.

Overall: I've been chewing a lot of bubblegum lately thanks to the awesome package that sent over, and I gotta say that this one is one of my least favorites. It's cool that the flavor is so spot-on, but it lacks in nearly every other feature. Worth a try, but there are better bubblegums (as you'll see...).

Rating: ooo (three gumballs)


Chelsea said...

This was my absolute FAVORITE as a kid, and I think I'd forgotten all about it. Thanks, Gum Girls! I'll have to buy a pack for nostalgia's sake. I doubt I'll chew a pack in a sitting, though, the way I used to. ;)

Anonymous said...

I used to love this flavor too! Did you know that you can actually buy a cotton candy machine yourself now? Then you could have the real thing!

Anonymous said...

Please review other bubblicious flavors such as Strawberry and Watermelon!!!! They're sooo delicious.

Dan said...

What a shame, I can't find this gum ANYWHERE

dgdino said...

MY Top 3 gums to mix are cotton candy, blueberry and fruit twist. This could not go missing for awesome flavor.