Monday, October 25, 2010

(Kosher Parve) Bazooka

Flavor: I don't speak Hebrew, but based on the comic strip that's wrapped around this piece of gum and that says in big English bubble letters "Bazooka Joe," I'm going to go out on a limb here and say this is Bazooka bubble gum. It tastes like it, anyhow-- simple, classic. It's sugar and gum base, sweet and bubblegummy. We had a request a while back from readers who were looking for kosher gum. This one was in the kosher section of our local supermarket, and it's as good as gum gets-- it's Bazooka, for crying out loud.

Texture: Come on, close your eyes and remember-- it's hard at first, then soft and grainy like a gob composed of lots of very fine sugar, and then it's hard as a rock and basically flavorless after about five minutes chewing. Also, it sort of sticks to caps (an observation I admittedly didn't have as a child, with all my baby teeth intact). Aaah, five cent childhood, how sweet you are.

Presentation: It looks just like you remember it, too. Red, blue and white paper folded along with an (presumably amusing) comic strip starring good ol' Bazooka Joe, around a brick-hard pink block of gum. The comics were never really funny, I don't recall ever quite laughing out loud. But who knows... maybe this one is side-splitting. I'll tell you what-- if anyone can translate this comic strip, I'll send you a whole bunch of kosher gum as a thank you.

Overall: I don't think I'd ever pick up a piece of Bazooka just for kicks anymore. But it sure was nice to pick up this kosher parve piece and make sure that it was indeed true to the classic original we all know and love.

Rating: ooooo (five gumballs) What did you expect? It's Bazooka.


Anonymous said...

I do speak/read Hebrew. The letters go from right to left. The first one is bet, (b). It has the "a" vowel under it, making it ba. The next letter is zien, (z). The next letter is vet (v), with the "o" vowel on top of it, making it just "oo", not "voo". The next letter is kalf (k). The last letter is hay with the "a" vowel underneath it, making it just "a", and not "ha". Ba+z+oo+k+a= BAZOOKA!

Hope this helps!

Katie said...

Awesome! Thanks for clearing that up. If you email your address to, I'll send you some kosher gum. Can you translate the comic?

Anonymous said...

The comic is in cursive, while the front part of the wrapper is in regular Hebrew. Sorry, but I can't read Hebrew in cursive form. I totally trust you guys, but I can't send you my address. Thanks for the offer, though!

P.S I am the same person as Anonymous at the top, but I just got an e-mail account.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, I forgot to put it in.

Gerry from the Northwest said...

I see you already gave away the gum but here goes:
(Motti is playing loud music by his bedside)

Yossi(Joe in Hebrew): "Motti, can I borrow your boombox?"
Motti"Sure, no problem!"
Motti:"You going to a party?"
Yossi:"No, I just wanna get some sleep tonight!"
Nyuk Nyuk.

Bonus Trivia Fact Translation:

"Did You Know?- An average shopping bag filled gold weighs as much as a car- around 1000kg!"

Now we have closure
Now we have closure.

Anonymous said...

Just to clear up 3rd letter is vov not vet. Otherwise we re good :)