Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Trident Splash Citrus with Blackberry

Flavor: The flavor of Trident Splash Citrus with Blackberry is pleasant. It's a pop-out gum with a candy shell. It's a pretty bland citrus base that has a fantastically tart liquid center. Unfortunately, the citrus flavor fades to a boring generic "sweet," and the tart blackberry liquid is gone almost before you can even begin to enjoy it.

Texture: This gum has a LOT going on at first. It's almost overwhelming - almost. You bite down on the shell and it crunches into a slighty too-soft gum and then... WHAM! You're blasted with the liquid center explosion. It's pretty awesome. Once the liquid dissipates and the candy shell dissolves, the gum you're left with has a surprizingly good texture, for a pop-out pellet gum. It doesn't lose cohesion, but it does get that waxy feel in it after a while. All in all, I was pleasantly surprized by the texture of Trident Splash Citrus with Blackberry.

Overall: I can't see this being anyone's favorite. It's certainly not mine. But all in all, it's a FUN gum for those times when you're sick of cinnamon, bored of bubblegum, or just want something new and different than your usual mundane mint. (Alliteration.) It's reminiscent of many sugary liquid-filled gums and candy of my youth, without the unpleasant dental side-effects. For those few and far-between times when I feel like being a kid for just a few minutes, I can see myself picking up a pack of Trident Splash Citrus with Blackberry and letting myself enjoy the multi-layered experience. I don't think this gum was really MEANT to have a long-lasting, breath-freshening flavor or a steadfast, smooth texture. This gum was meant to KAPOW your mouth, and that it does.
Rating: oooo (four gumballs)


Sam K said...

I have to say I hate this gum. My wife and I bought some on a trip to Arizona. We both chewed a piece and then went about our day. Afterwards, we both realized that our mouths had a horrible onion-like aftertaste that lingered until we ate our next meal. We realized the next day that it was the gum that was causing it, when the same taste lingered after chewing another piece of the blackberry citrus. Maybe we got a bad batch or something, but it was pretty horrible.

Conrad said...

Nope, not a bad batch. Both my wife and I got the same nasty aftertaste!!! It's like we were licking someone's armpit(not that I've done that). It is SOOO gross.

Trident said...

I can't say that I hate this gum. I bought it on some trip to CA. I chewed and I liked the taste and the aftertaste both

Anonymous said...

Sounds gross!!!!!!!

Don Boyer said...

I have a friend who loves this gum but informs me that it's been discontinued. I'm looking for someone - anyone know a good source that delivers to US addresses?