Friday, March 18, 2011

Wrigley's 5 Cobalt

Flavor: This is where it all began. The first 5 flavor I remember ever seeing, the one that paved the way for the 5 brand. Describing itself as "a cooling peppermint" on its outer cello wrap, 5 Cobalt is exactly that: a cooling peppermint. This was before 5 went and got all "hip" on us with "electric" or shape-shifting flavors and claims of almost other-worldly sensations. It's got no frills, no extras, and that's just right with me. It's a fantastic peppermint, one of my favorites. Freshens the breath and the flavor is long-lasting.

Texture: Starts off a slight bit grainy, and a little bit too soft in that it gets stuck in between my teeth. Once you chew for about a minute or so, however, it firms up nicely and stays that way. It's easy enough to pop between your teeth, though I can't recommend it for bubble blowing.

Presentation: Like all 5s, the presentation is striking. Ribbed black matte cardstock highlighted with a bold color statement on the right. Sexy.

Overall: We've been getting requests to review this gum for months, it's only just now that I was able to get to it after the new-gum and sponsored-gum rush. In all actuality, though, this is the fourth pack of it I've bought with the intention to review it, and I have gone through the previous three very quickly. It's just a really nice gum, what a gum should be... it's unfortunate what 5 has become.

Rating: ooooo (five gumballs)


Chrissy said...

Thanks for finally revewing Cobslt. I was the first viewer to ask for it to be reviewed. Thanks sooooo much!

Chrissy said...

Sorry I messed up typing---its really Cobalt!

Matthew said...

I think that the 5 flavors are really just the same flavor in the Extra brand, just in other packaging. I haven't met anyone who can tell the difference between Extra Peppermint and 5 Cobalt.

jasoninil said...

Has anyone else noticed how Wrigleys has completely removed its logo off the 5 Brand box? If you have older versions of the 5 Brand you would find it there. It was subtle, but it existed. Here are some images I found.
old version
current version

jasoninil said...

I meant to say Wrigley's name. It no longer exists on the box..anywhere. I never saw a product go so out of its way to hide the company's name.

Anonymous said...

About a week ago, I saw a commercial for 5 React 2. I am going to buy the fruit version, since my second favorite gum is 5 React 1!

Dewiece Sweitzer said...

After chewing this gum, I noticed pieces of the gum breaks up in little pieces and gets stuck between my teeth..