Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Orbit Piña Colada

Flavor: I have to admit, of all the alcoholic-flavored chewing gums out there, this one seems to be the most successful. The minty afterglow is a surprisingly nice substitute for the iciness of an actual piña colada, and both the pineapple and coconut flavors are present and well balanced. It’s almost sickeningly sweet, but so are piña coladas, so I have to let that one slide.

Texture: True to form, this Orbit gum is a good chew, through and through-- not too soft, not to firm, long-lasting. 

Presentation: The hip, minimalist “fashion pack” strikes again. I’m not so sure it helps to market this particular flavor, however. This is a fun gum, an indulgent vacation where calories don’t count and you can just throw your cell phone into the ocean and relax. Why not go totally fun and cartoony in the packaging? How about a pineapple in a hula skirt and coconut-shell bra, holding a coconut-shell umbrella, ironically caught in the rain. Get it? Because the lyrics of the song... nevermind. 

Overall: So if you like piña coladas or getting caught in the rain, you’re in for a treat here folks (again with the song lyrics). During my research on this gum, I came across this review on The Impulsive Buy, and I must say, I too await the day that Orbit IPA or Orbit Golden Lager hits the shelves.

Rating: ooooo (five gumballs)


Edixon said...

- Using Google translate- Damn, I have to get me one of those ... Hehe very provocative review. I love the silly jokes on the packaging and the lyrics. I read the review of The Impulsive Buy, and to me more like yours better. Maybe im just a Gum Alert fanboy :)

Ahhh I know that part of The Impulsive Buy have no sense, i know i can read, useless translator...

Como dirian ustedes: Piña colada FTW :) jeje.

Anonymous said...

The gum decomposes way too quickly and loses its consistency. It's good for like the 3rd to 5th minute of chewing. Before the 3rd, its too hard, and after the 5th it starts turning to mush.

Anonymous said...

Could you tell the names of the other alcoholic flavored gums please? Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I like this one, but the flavor is ridiculously short-lived. I know fruity type gums seem to lose their flavor pretty quickly, but this one is gone within 5 minutes. Great initial taste, just as long as you don't plan on chewing it for more than a short while.