Saturday, June 26, 2010

pür gum - Peppermint

This review is sponsored by our friends at pür gum!

Flavor: A clean, refreshing, natural tasting peppermint. The initial punch is pleasantly strong, without too much of a nasal-clearing menthol sensation. It mellows into a long-lasting minty chew.

Texture: Your standard pellet crunch, followed by a period of a slight too-tough texture. Upon prolonged chew, say 5 minutes or so, it does soften up to a more pleasant malleability, although it remains a firmer than average chew from start to finish. This might not be a bad thing to some chewers, though. I know that I myself occasionally prefer to chew a gum that has a bit less "give" to it.

Presentation: Absolutely minimalist. No fancy graphics, just plain text in a sans serif font that's easy on the eye. I love this packaging, though I suspect that one might look a tad pretentious when pulling this out of your purse or pocket to share. "What kinda new-wave freaky gum do you chew, man! Just gimme some Trident!"

Overall: pür gum is a new gum from Action Candy out of Canada. Their claim to fame is that it's all natural and sugarfree, a quality I haven't seen yet from a gum. It proudly boasts "no artificial flavors," "no artificial colors" and "infused with antioxidants" on its packaging. And an interesting side note - the ingredients list does not include soy or soy lecithin, a quality I was hard-pressed to find in gum when I was eating soy-free a couple months ago due to my daughter's allergies. In fact, it was downright impossible for me to find a gum that was soy-free and sugarfree. And speaking of the ingredients list, there are only seven - seven! - ingredients in this gum, and all of them are easy to pronounce! The pack of Trident I happen to have closest to me has sixteen, no less than half of which are chemicals. This is a groundbreaking idea in gum, and it doesn't taste half-bad, either. If this were a Dentyne or Orbit White pellet, it would probably only get 4 gumballs due to the texture, but when you weigh in the multitude of benefits this gum packs, the good certainly outweighs the one negative point. Bravo, pür.
Rating: ooooo (five gumballs)


Mrs. R. said...

Where would one be able to purchase this gum?

Shannon said...

Hey Mrs. R... we were lucky enough to procure some samples from the manufacturer. I think that it's only for sale in health food stores in Canada right now, but their website has an address to order direct.

LM said...

Try Freshii, I got a pack from there.

james nichter said...

Freshii-Olive Hills
1531 Eldridge PKWY. Houston Texas
We will be carrying Pur Gum starting next week. 11/07. This is a great product that fits well with our concept.I try not to eat any refined sugars,but I wont eat any artifical sweetners, so this works for me.
James Nichter.
Store Manager.

Anonymous said...

So happy to find pur gum. Being deathly allergic to soy, asparatame, and stevia it is almost impossible to find a gum to chew or candy to eat. While trying to reduce gluten due to intolerance but not celiac disease, I was thrilled to find pur! Thanks so much for providing a healthy alternative to everything else on the market.