Friday, June 18, 2010

Extra Peppermint

Flavor: There's really nothing special to say about the flavor of Extra Peppermint, because it's really not designed to be a special kind of gum. Extra Peppermint is an Everyman's gum - the kind of gum you mindlessly pick up when, on your way to the beach at 7:30 on a Saturday morning, you're standing on line at the 7-11 waiting to pay for your iced coffee and you realize that you forgot a pack of gum and the only munchies you have to eat on the beach are Pepperoni Pizza Combos. (Wow, that turned into way more of a run-on sentence than I had anticipated.) It's just a peppermint gum, a simple breath freshener. And as with most Extras, the flavor lasts an extra, extra, extra long time.

Texture: It starts off almost frighteningly soft, but within a minute or so it firms right up.

Presentation: You know how sometimes you stare at a word for too long, and it starts to become a weird non-word, and doesn't even sound right to say? That's what's happening to me looking at the packaging of this gum. It's just your standard pocket pack that most gums come in these days, but something's weird about it. Did they recently change the font of the Extra logo or something? Anyway, the package is as simple as the gum, little more than a logo and some blue peppermint leaves. It might as well be all white and have a Dharma logo on it, it's that generic.

Overall: Ashley on our facebook page requested this gum, and I'm pretty happy that she did. Being Gum Girls, our gum queues are often long and stocked with crazy flavor concoctions so it's not often that we get to go back to basics with our gum. We're just never faced with that "oh MAN I just need some GUM" dilemma - we always have gum. Chewing this pack of Extra Peppermint has been a really pleasant change for me, and while there's no bells and whistles and you're not likely to have an "experience" chewing it, it's just a really good gum that gets things done. Much like Trident Original, I feel like I would be being unfair if I didn't give it five gumballs.
Rating: ooooo (five gumballs)

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Ashley said...

Thanks for reviewing this gum! My dad chews this gum all the time and I chew it occasionally, too.

Joseph said...

It needs to be commented that the "original" Wrigley's Extra Peppermint was something special. Wrigleys, for some reason, changed the formula a few years ago and it simply hasn't been the same.

The most notable different between the modern take of this gum is the color. The original peppermint gum was a natural off-white color, bordering on a beige. The new recipe, obviously struggling to be more peppermint-y is blue.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Joseph- I have been chewing the origianl peppermint for over 20 years (not giving my age :)) Now, its all wrong too soft too stringy and too minty I am afraid I am leaving you Extra- you shouldnt have ruined a good thing!

Anonymous said...

OH GEEZ! So ya wanna chew a BIEGE colored gum?! Personally I LIKE the softness, stringiness and sweetness. It is the perfect gum and I'm in L<3ve.And the blue color is beautiful.