Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Vanity Fair is Stealing Our Gum Reviews!

Folks, I've got some disappointing news.

Vanity Fair has launched a new segment, "Chewed Out: The Gum Review" by Juli Weiner. It seems as though this established publication has pilfered our gummy style. Not only is the format nearly identical to our own, the voice itself seems to imitate our own (even the photograph looks like ours!).

This is editorially irresponsible! If you love Gumalert, let the folks over at Vanity Fair know it. We are the original Gum Girls, the experts of gumz, the long-winded and painfully comprehensive reviewers of your favorite Orbit, Trident, Bubblicious, Stride, the gob in your cheek as a child, the pellet you pop to freshen your breath after lunch. We are proud of the work that we've done.

We've seen some smaller gum blogs pop up here and there, and we can't really complain about them-- let's face it, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But this is an entertainment giant taking queues from the little guys with not so much as a link to our blog!

As always, let us know what your favorite gum is, if you haven't already done so, or send us your questions, thoughts, comments, rants about sucralose or aspartame. Because we really do care about gum, however obsessive and weird that might seem.


Tara said...

I wrote a letter to the editor of Vanity Fair. I won't be buying their magazine anymore.

Chelsea said...

That's ridiculous! BOO!

cybele said...

That's funny, one of your photos looks like mine. Exactly like mine.

Shannon said...

So sorry about that cybele! Your photo was so well-done that we assumed it was a promo shot by the Glee Guys themselves. I guess that's why they say "Never assume... it makes an ass out of u and me!"

We have replaced your photo with one of our own. One of our own. We'll be sure to be more careful in the future!

Thanks for reading gumalert!

cybele said...

Thanks for the quick response. I was updating my blogroll and wanted to include you. (I'm glad someone's covering the gum scene, since I don't chew much.)

Shannon said...

Hey, no problem... we knew we were walking a fine line, thanks for calling us out on it. We strive to be better. :)

We'd love it if you added us to your blogroll. We have been perusing the web for interesting gum/candy blogs and have been planning to add a links section to ours as well. We've stumbled across your candyblog more than once, lots of good stuff there!

Question for you if you don't mind me asking - do you know anything about the Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago? This year is out for us, but we'd like to attend next year if possible. Have you gone?

cybele said...

I've only covered a couple dozen gums over the past five years of the 1,500 or so candy products covered. (I don't do artificial sweeteners, it's pretty hard to find straight sugar gum these days.)

Yes, I've been to Sweets & Snacks Expo three times (when it was called All Candy Expo) but I won't make it this year. Feel free to pop me a note if you want to chat further about it. My email addy is on my blog.

Sydney said...

I wrote a letter to the editor of Vanity Fair and stopped buying magazines. BOO!!! Why VF? WHYYY?!