Monday, December 14, 2009

Stride Forever Fruit

Flavor: When this gum first came out a couple years ago, I remember thinking it could be my new favorite. It has the same pineapple-citrus-peach flavor as Trident Tropical Twist (an old favorite) with an added bonus coconut undertone. It's a little too sweet for me, and the longer you chew, the more nutri-sweety it seems. After chewing a whole pack, this flavor gets old to me. It's like drinking too many malibu bay breezes at a beach bar-- they're delicious, sure, but it's the sort of thing that's better rotated with other flavors, not dominating your palate for a whole night.

Texture: The texture here is well done. A nice bite, maintains shape and flavor for a long time. But, as with all Stride varieties, I feel it forming sores on my tongue as I write.

Overall: It's a good gum, a vacation gum, if you will. Throw a pack into your weekly rotation, why don't you, and add some zest to your ordinary gum-chewing experience.

Rating:ooo (three gumballs)


Anonymous said...

When I first tried this flavor, it tasted like apples, oranges, and some lemons all mixed together. The flavor itself was not very strong, but it tasted delicious! It lasted about 40 minutes for 1 piece. This flavor, in my opinion, deserves 5 gumballs.

Sydney said...

They are discontinuing this flavor and the bubblegum kind of stride!!! I'm so sad! This flavour was so good!


Anonymous said...

@Sidney-I just bought another pack of this gum yesterday. Are you sure that they are discontinuing it? By the way, this is the same person that left the first comment.

Sydney said...

Yes they are. my sister checked it out. its really sad becasue i love this gum. i went to the store and bought 13 3 packs!

Anonymous said...

They did not discontinue Forever Fruit but they did make a 2.0 version of it.

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