Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Trident Xtra Care Cool Mint

Flavor: Ok, so I hate to become redundant, but based on my and my sister’s ratings on mint gums, it seems that mint-flavored gums are easy to execute but difficult to execute in any kind of unique form. A mint gum is hard to screw up (although it’s been done, believe me). This gum is all right. It’s minty, cool, but that’s about it. The name is right, it’s Cool Mint. It’s a minty gum you don’t think about while you’re chewing it—a gum, if you will, for non-gum-conossieurs, folks who chew gum to freshen their breath and be done with it.

Texture: Meatier than most Trident gums, but stands true to the test of Trident texture quality. Once again, a fine, unassuming texture.

Again, this is a gum for gum chewers, not gum lovers. It’s just all right. The package bosts, “Xtra Care,” that it “Strengthens Teeth,” and has “Recaldent Milk Derived.” Not only is that grammatically incorrect, I am skeptical about its teeth-strengthening qualities. Let’s not be fooled by gimmicks, folks, chewing a stick of gum is not going to infuse calcium into your bones. But if you’re looking for stronger teeth, give it a shot, I guess. Or drink some actual milk. Otherwise, onward into the sea of mint for bolder and better flavor for me. If my teeth needed strengthening, I wouldn't be chewing this much damn gum to begin with.
Rating: ooo (three gumballs)


Anonymous said...

I haven't chewed gum in decades, but I have very weak enamal and my teath had developed scratches and cracks all over and were begining to break apart. A few years ago, my dentist suggested chewing trident white (the recalcident has now moved to trident extra care). After chewing two pieces a day (on the way to work and home) for a few months, I noticed a white patch on a front tooth where a scratch had been. Eventually, all of the scratches were replaced with white lines where they had been filled in. No broken teeth since!!! But lately, I cannot find Trident Extra care for sale anywhere. Do you know if they are discontinuing this product or if there is a secret side effect --twitch...twitch?

Hussaria said...

I was sceptical about the recaldent claims, as well. The studies I found online seem to indicate that sufficient chewing does have the calcium bond to the teeth. Ten minutes of chewing should have it adhere. But it doesn't really do anything for your enamel.

Anonymous said...

Evidence based studies (check out PubMed) on Gum with recaldent (Trident Xtra Care being the only one available in the US)show it reverses decay. As a dental hygienist I have advised patients to chew 2 peices a day for a few weeks/months with impressive results demonstrated in reversing beginning stages of decay! It will also prevent decay. The texture is somewhat different from other gums &(seems to melt at higher temps.)which I think accounts for its unpopularity, which is soooo unfortunate, it is awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Oh No! Xtra Care has been difficult to find since 2010. I picked some up somewhere, I don't remember where. It did help some bad spots on my teeth. Now I can't find any more.

The website will tell you if anyone sells it near where you are (or are going):