Friday, May 20, 2011

Bubble Tape Mystery Flavor

Flavor: Blue Raspberry. Mystery solved. Starts off crazy awesome tart, stopping just short of the "too sour" mark (though I think that it may be too sour for some, if you're sensitive to that kinda thing). It settles nicely into your standard sweet blue raspberry, and lasts surprizingly long for a sugar-based gum. Delicious.

Texture: Perfection. Not too soft, not too hard, Its pliability lends itself to fantastic bubbles that don't stick.

Presentation: It's your standard Bubble Tape hockey puck-sized plastic container. Nothing really to note here, Hubba Bubba again tries to stump the chewer by slathering question marks all over to create an aura of great mysteriousness. It's getting old.

Overall: This is a fine gum, but it'd have been just as fine if they'd have packaged it as "Blue Raspberry" and been done with it. With a mystery flavor, I feel there has to be at least SOME semblance of mystery: Is it white grape, or purple? Is it a tropical punch, or fruit punch? What berry am I tasting? But no, they just took one of the most recognizable flavors and slapped some question marks on it. Whatever. It's a good gum, definitely worth trying more than one.

Rating: oooo (four gumballs)


Anonymous said...

To me it tasted just like raisins for some reason.

Anonymous said...

I think it tasted like raisins too.
The mystery flavor is the end of one flavor and the beginning of the next they just mix it together.

Anonymous said...

To me, it tasted like sour apple. But, I think it was brain over senses because that is what I wanted it to be. When I first saw it, I thought it looked like Birthday Cake Peeps, so that's what I thought it was. Then I thought it was blueberry, so I guess I was correct.

Anonymous said...

yo this gum rocks my socks.