Saturday, September 25, 2010

Stride Always Mandarin

Flavor: A shockingly accurate "mandarin orange" flavor. Normally when we have such a specific citrus call-out in the flavor name (like tangerine), all we get is a vague "orange" flavor, but this gum actually does taste like mandarin oranges, the kind cute tiny ones you eat out of a can. Good job, Stride.

Texture: A little bit too tough for my tastes. This is a super firm chew.

Presentation: Stride doesn't mess around with fruit imagery, "fashion packs," or anything like that. Stride's packaging is friendly and predictable.

Overall: A friend of Gum Alert requested this gum a long, long time ago with the warning that it was really hard to find. Since then, I've been on the lookout for it, so it was like hitting the jackpot when I found a display with 3 packs left. I have to say that, despite the tough texture (which may, in part, have to do with the fact that I've had this gum opened in my purse for about 3 weeks [and we know from experience that, once opened, Stride tends to turn for the worst really fast]) this is a really great gum. Nicely done, Stride.

Rating: oooo (four gumballs)


Anonymous said...


Ashley said...

Thanks for reviewing this gum! This flavor is really difficult to find, but I found it at Kmart. Where did you find yours at?

Shannon said...

Ashley, I found it at a convenience store (Wawa). I think they're native to NJ, they usually have a pretty extensive gum inventory.

Anonymous said...

luv it

Unknown said...

This gum truly is hard to find. I discovered how great it was back in 2007, and have been on the lookout for it ever since. Whenever I shopped anywhere but my local grocery store (which stopped carrying it after I found it the first time), I would scour for it. From Seattle to Salt Lake City, nobody had it, but I then found it on vacation in Orlando in 2009.

After 2009, I didn't see it again until last October, when I (shockingly) spotted THREE FULL DISPLAY CONTAINERS of it, NOT EXPIRED. I did not spot this at Walmart, Costco, or a specialty shop. I spotted it at the tiny general store in my population-200 town, where I scarcely shop. I was shopping there in search of Swedish Fish (which they surprisingly had none of, though they are usually easier to find than most good gums), and rubber balls (I'm an interesting person).

Made my day! That's where I go for all my gum needs now, as they have an entire rack filled with various gums behind the register.