Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Glee Gum - Tangerine Flavor

Flavor: I'm always curious when companies decide to go with "tangerine" or "nectarine" to describe their flavors. Wouldn't it just be easier to go with the safer alternative of "orange?" I don't think the tastes are all THAT different. Anyway, Glee's tangerine is quite nice. It's more sweet than tangy, not quite living up to the ultimate orange-citrus-fruit flavor title that is currenty held by Orange Tic Tacs (c'mon, you know you eat them by the box,) but it's a pleasant flavor nonetheless. It runs out quickly, however. This seems to be the major flaw in Glee Gums.

Texture: A nice candy shell crunch evens out to a decent chew. With continued chewing, it gets a little waxy and somewhat sticky to the teeth.

Presentation: The Glee Guy returns on the Tangerine flavor's package. In fact, all Glee packaging features our friend the Glee Guy, who came and said hello on our review of Glee Bubblegum and has a Twitter page of his very own. As with the Bubblegum, the pellets come in a cute, retro-styled, convenient reclosable box.

Overall: As I said before, I'm on a pretty strict diet because of my daughter's allergies, and soy-free gums are hard to come by. I'm really quite bummed out that I can't sample all the awesome new gums out there, but I am comforted that I have my friend the Glee Guy by my side to get me through this hardship.
Rating: ooo (three gumballs)


Anonymous said...

Umm... Gee Gum? Don't you mean Glee Gum?

Shannon said...

Yes, anonymous, I did mean Glee Gum! My "L" is sticky on my keyboard and I didn't catch that. Like Katie said to the last person to criticize our spelling/grammar, we're human and do make mistakes... and unfortunately we don't make enough money on this site to hire a proofreader!

optional said...

haha u guys